Restoration of an historic building is a major undertaking.  Unlike remodeling, where old construction is simply covered up, a deconstruction process must take place before rebuilding begins.  

    A  learning process, almost an archeological experience materializes as the layers of past remodeling are stripped away.  An understanding of the past comes alive while the restorers scratch their heads and visualize the work of their predecessors from the original construction nearly 100 years ago and the ideas and reasons for the remodeling that followed over the years. It is indeed an enlighening experience. 

    Nearly three years of dreaming and planning before gutting the building, removing the remodeled siding which was added in the 70s, and 4 layers of roofing dating back to the 30s.  Dropped ceilings, and added on classrooms were removed.  Three generations of windows revealed themselves. When we began removing the 36" tall windows, we found that the original window openings were 7' tall.  So that is what we went back to.  At last, we had a blank slate and enough understanding of the past to begin the restoration.  

    Damaged siding was replaced, a new roof was added. Two effeciency appartments which can double for classrooms, and four full bathrooms were designed into the floor plan. A bell tower was added to the design. The pictures (left) show the bell tower base.  The decorative tower top and bell copartment was constructed in the Winwoods shop and installed with a crane.

    The building will no longer be a church.  We decided that this icon needed a purpose that would members of our community and our  culture.  The little red school house or town hall concept came to mind. The concept and design called for the traditional red and white  one room school house complete with the iconic bell tower. This will be the center piece of the town. Although all period architecture would be used in the restoration, modern conveniences are to be added to accommodate local events, workshops, classes, weddings, town meetings and get-togethers. 
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This restored historic building is now used by Win and Linda Rice for overnight stays and visits by friends and family, and occasional community activities and fund raisers.  It has currently been placed on the market for sale.  For more details on specifications and pricing go to Clarita Real Estate.