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Clarita is a small community in southeastern Oklahoma, about 45 miles north of Sherman Texas on State Highway 48. Clarita was established in 1910. Clarita residents are farmers, ranchers, carpenters, cabinet and furniture makers, farriers, buggy makers artisans, and businessmen. Today, our residents haven't changed much and now we enjoy a bi-cultural experience with our Amish residents. 

  We have had few changes since 1909.  We have have had businesses and people come and go.  Many of our historic buildings are gone.  Our town had pretty much died until recently, when we began to breathe life back into it. New businesses are emerging and creative people are making things happen.  

As this website develops, we will include our history, current businesses, cultures, events, more about our community, and lots of images. 

We hope you enjoy our site and we welcome you to visit our community as well.
Clarita, OK - early 40's
Clarita, OK - early 50's
Schmelzer's - mid 30's
Schmelzers - 2010
Buggy parking at Schmelzers
Ash Flat building
The Moore House
General "Mule" Wavern's cabin
In Coal County
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